Save and share beautiful ChatGPT snippets as images, searchable PDFs, and text files

  • Export better looking code snippets, lists, tables, and more.

  • Choose which messages to include / exclude when sharing.

  • Select from neon, sketch, dark, and light styles.

  • Highlight areas of interest in ChatGPT's responses.

  • SVG path images are rendered below the code.

  • Save as an image for social sharing.

  • Save as a PDF for keeping and sharing searchable content.

  • Save as a text file in markdown format for sharing searchable content.

Share your threads as images, PDFs, and text files

Highlight content, share SVGs and long-form threads

Choose from different styles

FancyGPT demo


A gallery of example ChatGPT conversations and snippets made fancy with FancyGPT

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